Junior Tech Professional

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This course addresses the main technological processes related to Industry 4.0 and its impact on companies and businesses worldwide. It is well- known, in fact, how Industry 4.0 is affecting the ways companies are facing the beginning of a new era, in which technology represents a central core for the organization management, production, logistics and for the organization of human resources unities.

This course will give students the skills required to face the industries need for new experties aimed at accompanying the digital turn and increasing their resilience. At the end of the course the student will gain the requirements of the junior tech professional, with an active role in the definition and implementation of I4.0 solutions  processes.

You will learn

✓ Basic concepts of systems integration

✓ Basic concepts of enterprise interoperability

✓ Basic concepts of digital twins

✓ Cyber-risks of Industry 4.0 and proper countermeasures to be taken

✓ Methods and tools for improving the enterprise productivity

✓ How to enable and manage solutions and platforms for Industry 4.0 companies

✓ Smart manufacturing of products and ideas

✓ How to improve enterprise logistics and architecture 

Didactic modules

Module 1 – Specific computer science skills for Industry 4.0 /1 – System integration
Module 2 – Specific computer science skills for Industry 4.0 /2 – Introduction to IoT
Module 3 – Supply Chain Management and Networked Enterprise
Module 4 – Enterprise interoperability
Module 5 – Cyber Security and Protection of Critical Infrastructures
Module 6 – Digital Twin

Price: FREE
Until 31st August 2022

The course includes:

video icon by Icons8 10 h videos
video intervista icon by Icons8 30+ interviews to experts
Libri icon by Icons8 20+ case studies
microscopio icon by Icons8 8 laboratories
Libro icon by Icons8 I4.0 Handbook
certificato icon by Icons8 final certificate


Prof. Manfred Leisenberg – FachHochschule des Mittelstands
Prof. Anne Zouggar – Université de Bordeaux
Prof. David Chen – Université de Bordeaux
Prof. Elio San Cristobal – Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia
Prof. Mamadou Kaba Traore – Université de Bordeaux