3D Virtual Smart Factory

Author: MAG-Uninettuno

Use: the software comes with a 30-days trial licence, ask to project coordinators for an additional extension.

Tags: Smart factory, PLC programming, industrial automation

Requirements: Software installation

Description: Programmable Logic Controllers are the basis of industrial automation, as they are robust and efficient devices. Also, they can easily programmed with a visual language.
In this laboratory, based on the software Factory I/O®, the student is able to design a custom factory with a wide range of elements including working stations, robots, conveyors, sorters and warehouses. All these elements are equipped with sensors and actuators, controlled by PLCs. The student can program the PLCs through the visual programming language and run the 3D simulation to observe the factory in action. A set of guided exercises help the student to learn the visual programming language, from easier to more complex scenarios.
It is worth noting that the activity is not just an exercise: if you had a real PLC, you could make it work with the same code produced in the laboratory.