The Project

The “Industry 4.0” paradigm have generated new opportunities and new challenges for companies. In order to increase their competitiveness and efficiency, companies have to face the digital transformation of the production and logistics chains (smart manufacturing) and of products (smart interconnected objects). The impact of the forth industrial revolution is huge in terms of involved stakeholders and in potential economic growth. The forth industrial revolution have also triggered a huge educational challenge, bringing the need to re-train millions of employees to models and technologies unknown even ten years ago. The I4EU project has been designed in order share good practices and new business models, raise awareness about new technologies supporting the digital transformations at European level and qualify professionals able to operate inside European companies, enhancing their digital competences and up/re-skill them to Industry 4.0 key competences. The I4EU partnership involves 8 partners coming from 6 different countries (France, Austria, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain). The main outputs of the I4EU project will be:
  • a concise and practical Handbook for all professionals who adopt/manage/implement Industry 4.0 related solutions;
  • a collection of interviews, case studies and best practices on the adoption of the Industry 4.0 paradigm;
  • an online tool to measure the level of digital competencies 4.0 of European companies;
  • a set of professional VET qualifications related to Industry 4.0, compliant with the ECVET framework;
  • a set of remote or virtual laboratories, for “hands-on” experiences on the Industry 4.0 technologies;
  • a collection of courses to train and qualify professionals.