Junior Talent Manager

Qualification profile

Over the long term, the advent of Industry 4.0 will generate a paradigm shift in the sector of human resources, giving impulse to a growing evolution of the skills requirements and professional figures, increasingly versatile and capable of continuous training. In this scenario, in fact, the need for a figure who knows how to intercept and train new professional figures is clear.

On these backgrounds, the talent manager deals, through the use of integrated systems, with activities aimed at ensuring the organization, in a perspective view, attractiveness, innovativeness of key figures, widespread motivation and the development of greater skills. In this course, the students will acquire the skills required to fill the role of junior talent manager within innovative companies that want to embrace the criteria and opportunities of industry 4.0.

You will learn

✓ Principles of digital transformation

✓ Skills, time and resources management

✓ E-leadership principles

✓ Cyber-risks of Industry 4.0 and proper countermeasures to be taken

✓ Knowledge representation and modeling techniques

✓ Personal and interpersonal communication methodologies

✓ Teamwork management and organization

✓ How to improve the cybersecurity management

Didactic modules

Module 1 – Digital transformation
Module 2 – General soft skills
Module 3 – E-leadership and negotiations
Module 4 – Cyber Security and Protection of Critical Infrastructures

Price: FREE
Until 31st August 2022

The course includes:

video icon by Icons8 7 h videos
video intervista icon by Icons8 30+ interviews to experts
Libri icon by Icons8 20+ case studies
microscopio icon by Icons8 8 laboratories
Libro icon by Icons8 I4.0 Handbook
certificato icon by Icons8 final certificate


Prof. Michele Missikoff – MAG-UNINETTUNO
Prof. Manfred Leisenberg – FachHochschule des Mittelstands
Prof. Elio San Cristobal – Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia
Prof. Manuel Castro – Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia