Junior Business Strategist

Qualification profile

Industry 4.0 is becoming highly relevant for companies that want to follow the changes of contemporary corporate practise. In fact, an efficiency-centered and novelty-centered business model design represents a pivotal goal in order to reach production efficiency and flexibility. The application of information, communication and intelligence technologies can overcome barriers and capture benefits by rethinking the existing business models.

For these reasons, companies need to implement new knowledge into internal activities. In this course, the students will explore the possibilities deriving from digital transformation through the setup of innovative business plan and data analysis, cyber security management and international networking and partner searching.

You will learn

✓ Principles of digital transformation

✓ Business planning and data analysis methodologies

✓ International funding and partner searching

✓ Cyber-risks of Industry 4.0 and proper countermeasures to be taken

✓ Knowledge representation and modeling techniques

✓ Business management and modelling techniques

✓ Networking and partnership management for research and transnational businesses

✓ How to improve the cybersecurity management

Didactic modules

Module 1 – Digital transformation
Module 2 – Business plan and data analysis
Module 3 – Business analysis and low code platforms
Module 4 – International funding and partner search
Module 5 – Cyber security and Protection of critical infrastructures

Price: FREE
Until 31st August 2022

The course includes:

video icon by Icons8 9 h videos
video intervista icon by Icons8 30+ interviews to experts
Libri icon by Icons8 20+ case studies
microscopio icon by Icons8 8 laboratories
Libro icon by Icons8 I4.0 Handbook
certificato icon by Icons8 final certificate


Prof. Michele Missikoff – MAG-UNINETTUNO
Prof. Manfred Leisenberg – FachHochschule des Mittelstands
Prof. Dario Assante – MAG-UNINETTUNO
Prof. Elio San Cristobal – Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia