Junior Operation Manager

Qualification profile

The technological implementation process that Industry 4.0 brings with itself requires an enormous expenditure of resources, from a management point of view. It is therefore necessary to integrate the figure of the operation manager within industries and companies. This key figure integrates organizational and management skills with those of communication and project management in order to optimize and supervise the processes.

This course helps the student to acquire skills and competences of the junior operation manager, with particular attention to smart industry and the circular economy.

You will learn

✓ Principles of digital transformation

✓ Basic concepts and practices of Open Innovation

✓ Basic concepts of circular economy and smart industry

✓ Cyber-risks of Industry 4.0 and proper countermeasures to be taken

✓ Knowledge representation and modeling techniques

✓ How to evaluating  strengths and weaknesses in companies’ development plans 

✓ Organization models for networked enterprises

✓ How to improve the cybersecurity management

Didactic modules

Module 1 – Digital transformation
Module 2 – Open innovation
Module 3 – Smart industries and circular economy
Module 4 – Production management in Digital factory
Module 5 – Cyber security and Protection of critical infrastructures
Module 6 – Supply Chain and Networked Enterprises

Price: FREE
Until 31st August 2022

The course includes:

video icon by Icons8 9 h videos
video intervista icon by Icons8 30+ interviews to experts
Libri icon by Icons8 20+ case studies
microscopio icon by Icons8 8 laboratories
Libro icon by Icons8 I4.0 Handbook
certificato icon by Icons8 final certificate


Prof. Michele Missikoff – MAG-UNINETTUNO
Prof. Dario Assante – MAG-UNINETTUNO
Prof. Manuel Castro – Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia
Prof. David Chen – Université de Bordeaux
Prof. Elio San Cristobal – Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia
Prof. Mamadou Kaba Traore – Université de Bordeaux