IO1 – I4EU Handbook

Leader: BIZ-UP
Co-leader: UBx

The output consists of two reports that are the basis for the development of the other project activities, and a Handbook on Industry 4.0 related technologies, models and best practices.
The first report consists of a review of the professional skills required for implementing the Industry 4.0 models and an analysis of the labour market actual situation and prospective of employability. The second report consists of a review of the Industry 4.0 state of art at European level. These two documents will jointly contribute to the next identification of the sectors where to focus the qualifications and the training courses, as well as the contents of the modules of the training courses.
The Handbook want to offer a concise, “hands-on” handbook for all professionals who adopt/manage/implement Industry 4.0 related solutions.


  • O1/A1 – National and European supporting policies
  • O1/A2 – I4EU Handbook design and first release
  • O1/A3 – I4EU Handbook testing and final release